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Best Fun Ways to Explore Outdoors with Baby

Best Fun Ways to Explore Outdoors with Baby – Fun activities that will help your kids explore and learn from the wildness that’s just outside their back door and down the street. It’s after school, and you have a bit of time before you have to start dinner. Or you’re in between appointments and have some time to kill at a local park. It can be intimidating to take an infant outdoors for a little play time, but with a few simple activities and the right weather, you can get your little one exploring outside.

Being outside with newborns babies and children’s is always a joy. It seems they have an innate knowledge of what to do out there. It takes only a few minutes watching them in the outdoors to see that. Continue reading

Baby’s First Bestie: Best Ways to Help Toddlers Make Friends

Baby’s First Bestie: Best Ways to Help Toddlers Make Friends – Almost every parent worries about some aspect of his or her child’s social life. Will she make friends at school? Will people think he’s a weirdo because of that strange noise he makes? How will she find a prom date if she can’t even survive a play date?

Kids begin to worry about friendship issues around the age of seven when they enter an extremely judgmental period of their cognitive development, but parental anxiety about a child’s social skills can kick in much earlier.

A lot of shy kids have trouble greeting others, looking down and mumbling when they have introduced a behavior that can be interpreted by other kids as a lack of interest in being friends. The little lessons you educate your kids throughout the day will have an impact on their ability to make friends

Every parent wants their child to have friends. And however reluctant they may be to admit it, every child wants the same. When the Children’s Society asked children what made their children happy, friendship was the factor they mentioned most.

7 Ways to Help Toddlers Make Friends 

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8 Super Easy Exercises for kids and Its Benefits

8 Super Easy Exercises for kids and Its Benefits – As you all know for kids, exercise means playing and being physically active. Kids exercise when they have gym class at school, during recess, at dance class or soccer practice, while riding bikes, or when playing tag. It helps them experience the pleasure of exercising and leading a fit and quiet life.

The younger the age at which your kids start exercising, lesser are their chances of any illnesses. Exercising helps your children in different – different way. Continue reading

Types of Baby Crawls

Types of Baby Crawls – Crawling is your baby’s first mode of making the baby move around on her own. When a baby starts moving on the floor on her stomach, back or forth; pushing her hands and knees, she has embarked on a new journey of independence with crawling. It is delightful to see your baby crawl, but crawling also calls for some safety measures on your part.

What are the 6 Different Crawl Styles and what they say about your child?

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