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Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Pune

If you wish to know about Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Pune, then just follow us! Check out our manufacturer company and our hygiene products which gives them revenue and success.

Company Profile | Care4 Hygiene

We at, Care4 is the Pioneer Company in India for the manufacture and supply of a qualitative range of hygiene products such as Adult Diapers, Adult Diapers Pull-ups. We are based in Chandigarh – India.

Care4 Hygiene was established in the last year with the business objective of providing quality & affordable solutions for maintaining personal hygiene for adults (Elders or Senior Citizens). Our company is a trusted supplier of high-quality Adult Diapers and related products. We have started our manufacturing facilities in the Pune, Maharashtra financial capital of INDIA. The operations are directed by a team of experienced specialists having rich domain expertise. They follow a well-regulated customer service system for higher satisfaction. Continue reading