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Do you plan to purchase to make the little one’s life happier and healthier? Every parent is concerned, worried and at the same time excited for the little one.

Care4 Hygiene – Baby Diaper World

Care4 Hygiene, India’s Leading Company offering a varied range of Baby Diapers. The care4 range of specially engineered and high-quality baby diapers ensures that your baby stays comfortable even in the Indian climatic conditions. The use of ultra soft and breathable material takes care of the delicate skin of the baby

The birth of a baby brings joy and a world of happiness for the parents Changing your baby’s diaper may be challenging at first, and you could end up with a literal mess on your hands. But over time, you may find it’s one of those little moments throughout the day that you cherish, another chance to bond with your baby, engaging baby’s senses, and nurturing baby’s happy, healthy development. The use of ultra soft and breathable material takes care of the delicate skin of the baby.

Baby’s skin always stays clean, dry and comfortable: Care4 Baby Diaper’s absorbent soft woven inner layers and breathable back sheet, keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Super absorbent pad offers long lasting protection against leakage: Unique super absorbent pad securely traps up to 5 times its weight in liquid, preventing leakage or coming in contact with baby’s skin.

A special layer is incorporated to draw fluids away from baby’s skin. 3D Side leak guards provide effective leak control. Anti-Rash quality of our baby diaper range comes from the high-end American fluff pulp, soft non-woven top sheet and the breathable clothlike back sheet which protects rashes on your baby’s soft skin.

Magic waist grip band designed to fit perfectly around the baby’s waist to prevent leakage and comfort.

All your concerns regarding how to choose a right baby diaper, Car4 Hygiene will now be resolved your problem. You can buy online, of course, this classic version of Baby Diaper at

More details about these diapers are mentioned below:

 Our Baby Products

Give your Baby the Comfort of 100% Freedom because a Clean Active Baby is a Happy Baby!!

Our company has risen to prominence in the domain of manufacturing Baby Diapers. All sizes of Baby Diaper’s: Small, Medium and Large sizes with a good quality offer competitive rates. These Baby’s Diapers are uniquely designed to meet the various requirements of clients.

  1. Baby’s Diapers Small Size ( 3-7 KG )
  2. Baby’s Diapers Medium Size ( 5-10 KG)
  3. Baby’s Diapers Large Size ( 9-13 KG)


  • All Night Protection
  • Anti-Rash
  • Magic Grip
  • Elastic Waist Band
  • 3D Leak Guards


Size Weight
Small 3-7kg
Medium 5-10kg
Large 9-13kg

Product Details and Delivery:

Diapers packing available in

  • Small size baby diaper -n 48 PCS,
  • Medium size baby diaper – 44 PCS,
  • Large size baby diaper – 40 PCS

The right care for your Newborn

Hygiene in the first few years is important for your little one as baby’s soft skin needs gentle care. It is important that baby diaper is chosen carefully to ensure that baby stays clean and comfortable.

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