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5 Causes and Symptoms of Diaper Rash

The skin of your newborn is very sensitive; it needs special attention & care from the various bacterial infections. One the infection is called diaper rash which is mostly caused due to multiple reasons which we will discuss here. Sometimes a regular rash can become vulnerable to bacteria, which of course love warm, moist environments like diapers.

In India, people are slowly getting aware of such baby problems but in other developed nations, these problems are given a great importance. No one wants their child to suffer and cry due to diaper rashes & other problems caused by the infections.

5 Causes and Symptoms of Diaper Rash - Care4 Hygiene

Main Causes of Diaper Rash

There are a number of things which can eventually cause the diaper rash, as a parent you need to look after your baby carefully. Continue reading