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What you Need to Know about Female Incontinence

What you Need to Know about Female Incontinence – Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control, resulting in the accidental loss of urine. A few women may lose urine while running or coughing, called stress incontinence. Others may feel a strong, sudden need, to urinate just before losing urine, called urgency incontinence. Incontinence affects more women than men.

Time of Pregnancy, labor, menopause and the anatomy of a ladies lower urinary tract are on the whole factors that improve the probability of incontinence. Older women experience incontinence more than younger women. Incontinence is sensible and regularly treatable, no matter what age or physical condition you are in. Bladder control issues might be caused by- Weak muscles in the lower urinary tract, Problems or damage either in the urinary tract or in the nerves that control urination. Continue reading