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6 Best Apps for Seniors – Technology became an integral part of our lives and no one can deny it. The older people are usually not the first one to adjust, yet they too live with the times. Some see smartphones and tablets as something inevitable and only tolerate their gadgets in order to keep in touch with their friends and families, while others are absolutely thrilled with the new possibilities they discover each day. Keep their minds active and engaged, Stay connected with friends and family, Listen to their favorite music, Keep abreast of news and world events, Pay bills online.

Seniors have found that, with the right repertoire of apps, smartphones and tablets can promote major lifestyle improvements. Smartphone and tablet apps allow seniors too.

Top Essential Apps for your Loved Ones

6 Best Apps for Seniors

Social Media

A number of families are spread out over the state, country and even internationally. Although they’re able to write letters or talk on the phone, nothing compares with face-to-face interaction. Therefore our parental figures often set up Skype on their cell phone, PC or tablet so they can “see” each other by video conferencing. When our clients are able to see their children (or grandchildren) who don’t live nearby, it not only makes their day but also provides their grown kids with peace of mind seeing that their parents’ care is being managed well.

TWITTER – Twitter is quick and easy to use, and a great way to keep in touch

FACEBOOK –  Like Twitter, great for sharing news and views with photos of what the family have been getting up to

WHATS APP – free for iOS and Android

Red Panic Button –

This is another important tool we can provide to our friends and loved ones. There may be times when a primary caregiver needs to go to the grocery store, step outside to get the mail or run an errand. Anything can happen, so giving your elders access to quick help during the time they are alone is important. This app allows you to input both your information as well as your loved ones should an emergency occur. So as to report an emergency or a need for assistance, seniors simply open the app and hit the red button in the middle of the screen. While the application charges for a few features that are a little cost to pay for safety.

Health Apps for Seniors –

The major concern in taking care of our aging loved ones is tracking their health conditions, medications and healthcare facilities. Changing health conditions and symptoms, diagnosis of their symptoms and providing them with apposite treatments and medicines often confuse caregivers and family members. Make things less complicated with Smartphone medical apps for seniors.

Use of smartphones and wearable devices in monitoring health conditions, keeping fit and strong, monitoring sleeping patterns or food intake is trending everywhere. Now with seniors getting comfortable with smartphones and wearable devices, there is also a boom in medical apps.

MediSafe –

It is a common notion that as you age, your memory doesn’t remain as sharp as it once was. There is an inclination to forget basic things like where you kept your glasses, your phone and, most importantly, taking your medicine.

The MediSafe App works as a personal assistant and friend, where users can load in their list of medications and set reminders for when they need to take them. They can even make status reports, so they can perceive how well they’ve stuck to their medication regimen.

It also assures safety and they can rest assured that their personal medical information will not be disclosed to any second-or-third party medium, MedCoach, 5Star Medical Alert, Urgent Care,  iTriageHealth,  Personal Caregiver.

 Prismatic – 

A prismatic app is the main news app for senior needs. News stories from a wide variety of publishers are accessible through an attractive, easy-to-use interface. The stories introduced depend on the user’s stated interests, and the app also learns the types of stories the app’s user likes based on articles that have been previously read using the app.

One commentator stated that “Prismatic absolutely has an amazing aggregation algorithm. It will get you the news you are interested in, every day. It’s one of my favorite apps.

Words with Friends –

Words with Friends is like the popular board game, Scrabble. Players can challenge their friends and family, however distant they might be.

This gives them a chance to play a mentally engaging game while at the same time having fun and staying social. Its widespread popularity means finding a game is never any trouble.

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