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About Care4 Hygiene | Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Jalandhar

Care4 Hygiene is India’s Leading Manufacturer of Adult diapers. We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive gamut of Personal Hygiene Products in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Our complete product range is manufactured in compliance with international quality norms and guidelines using the superior material. Thereafter, the finished products are meticulously tested with the help of modern testing tools and aids, prior to dispatch. Acknowledged for high absorbency, skin-friendliness and comfort, our array finds vast application in the health-care industry.

What is Care4 Adult Diapers and why they need Care4 Adult Diapers?

Care4 Adult Diaper is scientifically designed and medically approved a hygiene product that is basically made by the old aged people (elder or senior citizens) called the name adult diaper who have been suffering from problems, such as incontinence, piles, urology problems, diabetics etc…

Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Jalandhar

The adult diaper is made of various types of leakage protective and comfortable materials that are very convenient for users. When you start using Care4 Adult Diaper, this is the best free medication way to help incontinent people stay free and stay relaxed when they go out in public places.

There are different types of care4 adult diapers and available in the marketplace in different sizes, for example, a cloth-like material with plastic backing, refasten-able taps, Overnight, Day Use, Pull-ups With Refasten able Tabs, Reusable Adult Diapers, Belted Undergarments and Swim Diapers.

Best Qualities of Care4 Adult Diapers:

1. User-Friendly: 

Adult diaper must be easy to use and comfortable in nature which protects from skin irritation and rash when you are wearing diapers for a long time.

2. Free from odor: 

You have to choose a high-quality diaper which has made with a layered system that will effectively keep the diaper odor-free during leakage absorption.

3. Cost-effectiveness: 

It is the most important thing when you are going to purchase adult diaper. You should choose the best quality of diapers with long-lasting nature at an affordable price.

4. According to requirements:

If you find the perfect diaper for your elders, then always choose the right type of diaper which contains an extra absorption level, leakage protective feature as well as easily fit under clothes without delivering a bulky look.

Care4 Adult Diaper FAQ’s

Q- Are Adult Diapers available in different sizes?

Care4 Adult diapers are usually available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Buy Care4 diapers from here have elastic waistband at the sides to help the comfortable fit and prevent leakage.

Q- Can I lead a relatively normal life wearing an Adult Diaper?

Yes, Like facing the problem that has happened the urinary incontinence has not bedridden you, the use of a Care4 adult diaper will make you feel secure and continue with daily activities like walking, shopping, going out to visit etc.

Q- What are the different categories of people who should use Adult Diapers?

  • A person who has urinary incontinence, piles, urology problems, diabetics.
  • A person who is hospitalized and bedridden or in a wheelchair.
  • A person who can’t go to toilets independently even if they don’t have incontinence.
  • A person with mental disorders (cognitive impairment) as he/she may not understand their need to go the toilet.

Q- How can the use of a Care4 Adult Diaper help in the situation?

People with urinary incontinence are regularly scared of social interactions and gatherings as they do not know when they will wet their clothes. When you wearing an adult diaper can give them that sense of security and safety and help them resume normal activities.

Q- Is the use of Care4 adult diapers recommended for hospitalized patients?

Yes, because that these days there are innumerable infectious diseases that can be discovered everywhere especially in hospitals, the use of a Care4 adult diaper for a patient unable to use the washroom will significantly reduce their chances of contracting an infection through the use of a bedpan.

Q- How should I Choose the right adult diaper?

A high quality based adult diaper (Care4 Adult Diaper) should have high absorption level, soft & comfortable fit, leak guards to prevent leakage and should be from a reputed company in the healthcare field.

Best Selling Brand of Adult Diaper

Care4 Hygiene:- This brand is specially designed for adults (loved ones or elders). These diapers decrease odor, leakage, and rashes.

Care4 Adult Diaper is flappable, fold-able in nature. These are very easy to use and easy to wear. It offers ultimate comfort for your elders. It is made of a non-woven fabric that keeps you ultra dry at all the time whenever you go out to your favorite places without any worries.

We have the best adult diapers and available in various sizes. It offers easy fitting with a wetness indicator. You can use it with your cloth and it does not have a bulky appearance.


Care4 Adult diapers are specially designed for those people who have problems with incontinence and in controlling the urinary bladder. These kinds of adult diapers can change your life and give benefits to living happy and healthy life.

Now, with the help of Care4 adult diapers, no need to worry about embarrassment. This hygiene product keeps you hygienic and dry all the time.

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