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Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Ludhiana

Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Ludhiana – Are You Thinking About Adult Diapers? Do you need for your elders? So learn about Care4 Adult Diapers.

When you are facing incontinence problem, then it is affecting your quality of life. Don’t worry Care4 adult diapers can help you take control. But it’s a very personal decision, involving various factors.

With a wide range of treatment options to cure urinary incontinence, diabetics etc…The specialist recommends adult diapers for everyone. Most of the people avoid them altogether or use them only as a short-term solution. 

Care4 Hygiene is India’s Leading Manufacturer of Adult Diapers.

Care4 Adult Diapers | Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Ludhiana

Care4 Adult DiapersWe are a leading Manufacturer of Care4 adult diapers pants, Care4 adult diaper – disposable adult diaper, premium adult diapers in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Care4 Adult Diapers has made a mark as a quality brand and enjoys a high customer loyalty by offering a range of extraordinary features. Millions of senior citizens or elders have embraced an active lifestyle with dignity after using Care4 Diapers. All Doctors recommend adult diapers for patients with prostate disorders, piles, incontinence, urology problems, and diabetics. It is also used by patients who are paralyzed, bedridden or disabled.

Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in Ludhiana

Some of the Extra Ordinary features of Care4 Adult Diapers are:


  • Wetness indicator which helps in making an informed decision about a diaper change.
  • 8 Hours of protection and super absorbency level helps in getting a great night’s sleep.
  • Leakage Guards
  • Non-woven one-way top-channel fluid into the absorbent pads & prevents it from flowing back.
  • Dual-Core Super Absorbent Pad.
  • Underwear-like waistband.
  • Brief-like leg opening (Suitable for active men and women)

Brief about Adult Diaper

In adult diaper (or adult undergarment) is a diaper to be made by a person with a body larger than that is not for infant or toddler.

Adult Diapers – It can be necessary for adults, our elders or senior citizens with various conditions, such as urinary incontinence problem, prostate orders, piles, urology problems, and diabetics. Adult diapers are made in various forms, including those resembling traditional child diapers, underpants, and pads resembling sanitary napkins (known as incontinence pads).

Usage of Adult Diapers | How to use Care4 Adult Diapers

Top 10 helpful tips on Adult Diaper use:

Diapers can be necessary for adults with various conditions, such as prostate disorders, piles, urology problems, urinary incontinence, and diabetics.

The uses of Diapers for the very aged person are made in the form of different varieties, including those resembling traditional diaper pants, and pads resembling sanitary napkins. Disposable diapers for adults are great for bowel and bladder incontinence or heavy bladder incontinence and bedwetting. You have to put carefully on and taken off using either loop and hook or adhesive layers at the sides.

While they can be utilized for any type of loss of bladder and bowel control, they are most often utilized for individual who has no control of these functions at all and does not use a toilet for bathroom needs.

Follow our Step by Step Process of Changing Adult Diaper

Best Care4 Adult Diapers are the easiest product to use for persons who are bedridden, who cannot properly stand or who wear orthotics such as braces because they can be opened up a level to be put on and don’t need to be pulled on and off over braces or under the persons‘ bodyweight.

Here are some of the steps of how to change an individual’s adult-sized disposable diaper:

Step 1

Determine how far away from one’s nearest flat surface wearer is to change that diaper. You can use the only flat surface to change the diaper. Whether that flat surface is a bed, floor, or the edge of a wall or even the sitting surface of a chair, there is almost no reason to ever be without a flat, firm, surface on which to change that diaper.

Step 2

The Laying down Method is one of the best ways to change the adult diaper. If the adult is lying down and can change the diapers and is only one in the room, the proper style to change the diapers is a bit different.

Step 3

Attempt to consider security issues that can result in the diaper-change. Some diaper-changing techniques are more private than others while some are not very private.

Step 4

Decide carefully which one best fits the style of diaper the person has chosen to wear, and whichever one makes the person feel the least bit embarrassed to have completed on them.

Step 5

Understand that the diaper-change is reliant on two key general steps: before removal of the old dirty diaper and replacement with the new diaper.

What kind of Dignity issues are you having?

There are two main types of issues that cause accidental urine leakage for adults:

Urinary Incontinence – When you coughing, sneezing sometimes leaky bladder because the loss of bladder control and weakened or damaged muscles can’t cope.

Urology Problems – As you age, you may develop a general inability to control the release of urine. You may at times have sudden urges to go to the bathroom, but you may not get there in time to avoid leakage.

What are the Benefits while using Care4 Adult Diaper?

Care4 Adult diaper retains some good features, for example; it retains leakage protective and comfortable materials that are very helpful for users. Try to wear Care4 Adult Diaper is a dignity freeway that aids the incontinent people to keep free and feels relaxed when they go outside anywhere in the public places and other places if you want to go.

When changing a diaper on an adult, you should not have to worry too much about the person squirming around too much, as some still realize what squirming might do if and when placed on the changing surface.

Available Sizes of Care4 Adult Diapers

Care4 Adult Diapers have a unisex design and are available in three sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

  1. Large to suit different body sizes.
  2. Medium
  3. Large
  4. Extra Large

They are available in a big Diaper pack.

Now Available on:

You can order Care4 Adult Diapers from here:

If Care4 adult diapers are the right, how can you make the best of it?

If treatments don’t work for you, or if you are waiting for them and use these tips to increase your confidence and comfort when wearing care4 adult diapers:

  • Change them regularly
  • Use a barrier ointment or lotion
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes
  • Wear darker clothing if you’re going out

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