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Best Toys for your 3 to 6 Months Old Baby

Best Toys for your 3 to 6 Months Old Baby – Searching for best toys for your old babies? Look at these Best Toys for your 3 to 6 Months Old Baby for recommended every parent.

Congratulations! If you have now a little baby and you want to buy some safe toys based on development for your baby. Care4 Shares the best recommendations for toys for 3-6 old-month-old babies. Most of the mothers say that the first few months after delivery are the worst! If your baby has health issues, is beginning getting teething symptoms or not sleeping well at all the day & night, your difficulties are a long way from being done.

Your baby when it comes under the age of 3 to 6 months, Try using these below toys to keep him engaged. A play is so vital for babies, choosing the best baby toys for 6 months and older means thinking about developing their skills as well as having fun. In spite of the way the baby still seems really very little, he/she is ready to play!

Actually, this is where the fun really begins for you and your baby. Babies become much more active in few months, especially when it comes to playing. They love banging toys together and are beginning to get better at picking up small things like raisins. Everything goes in their mouth and at the end of their first year, they’ll be on the move too.

Best Toys for your 3 to 6 Months Old Baby

What are the Best Toys for your 3 to 6 Months Old Babies?

Check out the list of 10 best toys for your 3-to-6 months’ old babies:

1. Soft Toys, dolls, and babies

Your baby is starting to understand emotions and feelings. You’ll notice them growing attached to their favorite toys (and sometimes other household things like tubes of toothpaste or that brightly colored container). Lots of babies develop emotional bonds to dolls or teddies, showing affection towards them and choosing them over their other toys. They’ll use them for comfort: mostly snuggling before falling asleep. (Bless!)

At this age, most of the babies form an attachment to a teddy bear or plush animal. Key criteria include soft and cuddly. You don’t want anything with wire in the ears or tail – it could poke through the fabric and hurt your child.

All the Soft toys with plastic eyes and mouth to harm your baby. Also off-limits are such as the small things bells, buttons, ribbons, and yarn that your baby can yank off and stuff into his/her mouth.

2. Teethers

Sometimes before you spot that first tooth, your little baby will need a teether, like this one to bite and chew.

3. Ball

Playing with a ball is easy for all babies to handle and throw or roll as they learn to hit from foot themselves up and sit.

Balls will help develop sensory and fine motor skills in the little baby. When you put a ball in a baby’s hand, be prepared to run around and chase as the baby is sure to throw it on realizing that the ball bounces! A ball that makes jingling sounds will further entice the baby.

4. Rattle (like Sound)

This Rattle toy has been around for all of human history for good reason. Rattles, to give your little baby a chance to act and have a response.

5. Bath Toys

Floating, squirting, squeaking bath toys give children a chance to practice those developing motor skills as they try to grasp these floating toys.

6. Building Blocks

The best toys for 3 to 6 months old babies are soft with no sharp edges, so start your little one off with fabric or plastic blocks.

Building Block toys help develop skills, for example, hand-eye coordination, grasping skills, and sensory skills. This is the best toy will help her develop finger and hand dexterity.

7. Stuffed Toys

All babies are happy to play with Stuffed toys. They are just like as the teddy bear, dolls, will also help develop a sense of attachment and responsibility towards others and the baby will want to always have the stuffed toy by the side.

8. Household Items

One of the perfect toys when using household items by children’s irrespective of their age. Be it toys for 3-6 months old baby household items such as plastic containers, measuring cups, tumblers and wooden spoons will entertain your kid and help in developing grasping skills, sensory skills, and finger-hand dexterity.

9. Noisy and flashy Toys

Cause and effect is a brand new concept for your little one. They’re starting to understand that they can affect the world around them, and don’t they just love it? Toys that respond to their touch by making lots of noise and flashing brightly help them to work this out (and earplugs can help out mum and dad).

10. Moving and Rolling Toys

Rolling, crawling, shuffling, and toddling are more enjoyable when you’re pursuing something. When your baby is moving they’ll love toys that roll or have wheels. They can push and chase them on their own, or you can also enjoy a fun family round of baby-in-the-middle.

Safely play and Learning to Help your Baby While Playing

It is essential to make sure the safety of the baby while selecting the best toys and while the baby is playing with them.

  • Do not give toys which are not meant for kids of the 3 to 6 months age group.
  • Regularly wash and check plastic toys for sharp or roughened edges or are heavier than what the kid can manage to play with.
  • Always supervise your baby when playing
  • Make sure all toys should be safe, non-toxic and durable
  • keep fabric toys and costumes away from fire and heat sources
  • Remove all the labels, tags and ribbons before giving soft toys to your baby
  • Toys with long hair or fibers are not suitable for babies under 12 months

You can select the best toys for your 3 to 6 months old baby, after checking for the entire available list here. Pick out the one that best suits your little baby. Bright, colorful, musical, and sensory toys are the most beneficial and your baby is enjoying it.

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