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Not everyone instinctively knows how to properly change a baby diaper. Many first time parents and people with a lack of prior experience baby care become anxious at the very thought of it.

While the frequent diaper changes may not be a favorite part time of the mommy or daddy job, they are still part of the baby care package. And it’s good for baby too, since changing a diaper whenever it’s wet or messy helps prevent irritation and painful diaper rash.

Changing your Baby Diapers is an important thing you will get the hand of after the first few days with your baby since you will change him/her diaper very frequently. Below is a simple guide to help you learn how to change diaper your baby.


With a newborn, the basic moves of changing diapers remain the same whether you are using cloth or disposable diapers.

How to Change Baby Diapers?

Step 1: Place your baby on a clean, soft, safe and surface

A changing table, a dresser equipped with a changing pad, a crib or a bed all work. Spread the protective cloth on the surface if you are anywhere but your own changing table. No matter where you are changing diapers, make sure to keep one hand on the baby all the times, even before your little one has started rolling over. Strapped-babies also should remain with arm’s reach.

Step 2: Open up the diaper and clean your baby

Unfasten the diaper and survey the scene, the follow the same basic rules for both boys and girls:

For a wet diaper: Fold the dirty diaper underneath the baby and wipe the area.

For a poppy diaper: Wipe as much as possible with the diaper itself, then fold it underneath, as above. Lift the legs and clean baby’s front well and back as well with warm water or wipes, being sure to get into all the creases. Then lift both the legs and clean baby’s bottom thoroughly.

Step 3: Throw out the dirty diaper

For disposables, wrap the diapers into a ball, using the tab fasteners to secure. Then throw away in your diaper pail; plastic bag or trash can. When you are away from home, carry a stash of a plastic bag; place the dirty diaper inside and tie the bag before tossing it into the trash. Out cloth diapers into a bucket with a tight fitting lid until laundry day.

Step 4: Dress baby

Now that you are done, change baby’s clothes and or sheets as needed or re-dress him or her.

Step 5: Wash your hands again

Finish by washing your hands again (use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available).

Diaper Changing Tips

  • Remember never leave your baby alone on a changing table or surface, even for instant
  • First-time parents are often surprised by how many diapers they go through in a day – always have plenty available
  • Before and after Changing baby’s diaper, be sure to wash your hands
  • If your baby’s skin seems sensitive to diaper wipes, try hypoallergenic wipes or a wet washcloth.

Diapers Can Mean So Much More

Diapering is one of the most rituals you will do most often with your baby. It is a multisensory experience for your little one as you gently wipe her clean and sprinkle on the sweet smell of baby powder, engaging the powder of touch and scent.

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