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Effective Best Home Remedies for BabiesHome remedies are a worthy choice – especially for your baby’s developing immune systems. They’re natural and safe for your child, and may well alleviate his symptoms as well as medications. After all, they’ve been put to the test by generations of moms who, just like you, we’re trying to do the best thing for their babies.

If someone once took the trouble of mashing garlic cloves and applying them on the soles of their baby’s feet to lower their high fever, and it worked for them.

Of course, you should always call your pediatrician if your child’s problem seems serious. But the next time your baby has a minor ache or injury, you can find these smart solutions all throughout your house.

6 Safe Home Remedies for Newborn Babies | Home Treatments for Babies

Effective Best Home Remedies for Babies

Breathes the Steam –

When you have your baby has a stuffy nose, go into the washroom and steam it up. After that hold your baby in there for a while. You’ll get more concentrated steam and your room doesn’t get all wet. Humidifiers turn everything into a rainforest.

Fever –

Help them to take the edge off a fever, cut a lemon over a bowl of warm water to capture the fruit’s aromatic oils.

You using cotton cloth, give your baby a “sponge bath” with the warm lemon water. The cooling properties of the lemon and evaporating water work together in reducing the fever.

Mosquito Bites on Babies –

Baking Soda this is the best choice for sensitive babies. A bit of preparing baking soda and water will help relieve mosquito bite symptoms. What you need to do is put baking soda into a bowl and slowly mixes in water.

Once a paste has formed, apply the paste to the bite. The paste will help reduce swelling.

Teething –

Offer your baby a cold teether to suck on. You need to keep away avoid plastic teethers, which might contain BPA, try putting a wet washcloth in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Or on the other hand, infants chew on cold food (good choices are frozen carrots, bananas or bagels), the pressure on the gums can lighten the pain. Make sure to supervise your baby in case of choking.

Constipation –

Constipation in babies is common and curable. During constipation, your baby is in discomfort and pain. When your baby is 6 months old then can give 2 tablespoons of prune juice in each bottle feeding.

Prune juice is a standout amongst the best the answer to treat constipation in babies and kids. It’s a natural laxative that helps your baby to promote soft and easy to pass stool.

Colic –

Using your three middle fingers massages his tummy in a circular motion. You can also make a run by mixing one teaspoon of almond oil with a drop of lavender or dill oil.

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