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Essential Tips to Keep your Baby Safe in the Summers – Summer is a tricky season, and your baby will need to adjust to the surrounding temperature. All you need is to keep an eye on what your baby eats or drinks during this time. Children’s temperature regulating systems aren’t completely developed; they have fewer sweat glands than adults, so they sweat less.

As a result, they’re not as efficient as adults in keeping cool and are very susceptible to hyperthermia an abnormally high body temperature, which can be life-threatening. Many babies can’t tell their parents or caregivers that they’re thirsty.

Like how a change of season affects your skin and body, it also has the same impact on babies. They need special attention every season. You should take extra care of him or her during summer.

Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Babies | Simple Ways to Keep your Baby Safe in the Sun

So, we’ve put together a list of tips to make the most of the beautiful weather while keeping safe for your babies.

Essential Tips to Keep your Baby Safe in the Summers

Water –

If you’re breastfeeding your baby, you don’t need to give them water as well as breast milk. In any case, they may need to breastfeed more than usual. In case, if you’re bottle feeding, as well as their usual milk feeds, you can give your baby cooled boiled water throughout the day.

When your baby wakes ups at night, they’ll probably need milk. If they’ve had their standard milk feeds, try cooled boiled water as well.

If they’re over six months old and they get bored with water, try giving them a combination of much-diluted fruit juice, ice cubes and homemade fruit juice lollies throughout the day. For older children, a lot of fruit and salad will also help keep their fluid levels up.

Right Clothes –

If your baby must go outdoors, dress him or her in light-weight, light-colored clothes. A cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen (if the child is over 6 months of age) are an absolute necessity. They also help protect a baby from dangerous sun rays.

Babies are very susceptible to sunburn and when children become sunburned, their sweat glands don’t function as well. What’s more, sunburns in babies put them at increased risk for skin cancer, even in childhood.

Heat-related Safety –

Most of these heat-related safety tips can also be applied to older children, the elderly, and people with serious medical problems and even pets, all of whom are highly susceptible to the ill effects of high temperatures. And they’re frequently reliant on others to make sensible decisions to protect them.

Summertime should be a happy time. It’s up to you to keep your baby cool, well hydrated and safe from the heat and scorching sun.

Protect your Baby from Mosquitoes –

These techniques will help you to keep mosquitoes off your baby, it’s also the best idea to try and control how many mosquitoes get into your home. You can do this by checking that all mesh wires on your doors and windows are intact and by installing door brushes on all doors leading out. If you use an air cooler, regularly clean and change its water.

This will prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Keep your home and surrounding area free of any stagnant water too. You can speak to your local society authority or residents’ welfare association if public places have stagnant water where mosquitoes could breed.

Keeping Cool –

Playing in a paddling pool is the best way of keeping babies and children cool. Keep the pool in the shade during very hot weather and supervise the children carefully at all times. Try to keep your baby’s bedroom cool amid the day by closing blinds or curtains. You can also use a fan to circulate the air in the room. Run them a cool bath before sleep time.

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