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As you age, Diet has an important role in maintaining the overall health of a person irrespective of the age groups. A diet plan for 70-year-olds is significantly different from adults and middle-aged individuals. Individuals get affected in many ways in their old age and are vulnerable to infections and diseases than middle-aged people. Therefore, healthy diet plan and regular physical activity is the only choice they have to combat diseases and old-age health problems.

Many people don’t know what types of food older people should be eating and if they should take supplements or not, writes DietDoc.

Proper nutrition during old age poses a challenge to one’s health. Elderly face difficulties, such as the inability to chew, decrease in appetite and restrictions due to disorders in old age. Therefore, diet in old age should be carefully structured keeping in mind the condition of an individual.

List of Daily Healthy Food Intake at the Age of 70 years

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Your body changes as you get older, but a balanced diet will help you stay healthy. Here’s what to eat and how to keep healthy as you get older. Whatever your age, it’s important to eat a healthy, balanced diet. This means you should try to eat:

1. Protein:

Eggs, milk, lean meat, chicken, beans, and lentils are excellent protein sources to keep elderly healthy.

2. Grains

A 70-year-old woman needs to have 5 ounces of grains per day, and a 70-year-old man needs 6 ounces. An ounce of grains is equivalent to one slice of bread, one small tortilla, 1 cup of breakfast cereal or 1/2 cup of cooked rice, pasta or cereal grains like oatmeal.

At least half of these grains should be from whole-grain sources, like brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and whole-grain pasta since they have a higher fiber and nutrient concentration when compared to refined grain products. If you’re not certain about the fiber content of a product, the FDA advises choosing items that are identified on their nutrition facts label as providing 20 percent or more of your recommended daily fiber intake per serving.

3. Dairy

Getting enough dairy products daily can help the elderly avoid bone thinning and elevated blood pressure. If you’re a 70-year-old man or woman, you should have 3 cups of dairy products every day. A cup of yogurt or milk, 2 cups of cottage cheese, 1.5 ounces of hard cheese such as Parmesan and 1/3 cup of shredded cheese all count as a 1-cup dairy serving. Avoid full-fat dairy items in favor of low- or non-fat milk or yogurt and reduced-fat cheese in order to control your fat intake.

4. Vegetables

Carrots, sweet potato, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, onions, and avocados are the healthy vegetables to be included in the diet plan of a 70-year old.

5. Fruits

Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, peaches, mango, melon and apples should be incorporated in a dietary regimen.

6. Pulses and Grains

Lentils, chick peas, brown rice and whole wheat products should also be incorporated in a diet plan for 70-year olds.

7. Nuts and Seeds

Walnuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds are healthy food options for old-age people.

8. Fish

Salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, tuna, and trout are healthy food options for old age.

Read this Blog, Care4 Hygiene shared Healthy Menu Diet Plan for a 70-year-Old Couple. By just using a few guidelines for planning healthy meals, a senior can make big changes in his health.

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