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Safe Sleeping Positions for Babies and Newborns – It is very important to take proper notice of baby’s sleeping positions. Also, it is very important that baby’s head is not resting on the same position for a long time if you have a baby at home, it is essential to know about the safe sleeping positions.

Which Sleeping Positions are the Safest for Newborn Baby?

9 Safe Sleeping Positions for Babies and Newborns

Care4 share some safe ways of putting your baby to sleep and some tips so that the baby gets a sound sleep and wakes up happy.

1. Sleep-on-back Position:

This is the safest position for healthy babies. Babies will probably to die of SUDI including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents if they sleep on their sides or tummies. Different babies prefer different sleep rituals and positions. The most secure sleeping position for your baby is on his or her back.

2. Sleep-on-the side Position:

Side it is unsafe for babies to sleep on the side because they may end up on the tummy, increasing the risk of SIDS.

3. Sleep-on-stomach Position:

It could put pressure on a baby’s jaw reducing the airway and restricting breath. If the baby sleeps on the stomach i.e., in the prone position, he may be lying with his face very close to the sheets and keeps breathing the same air.

Tips for Safe Baby Sleep

  • Avoid covering baby’s head:

It is simple words, anything that could cover a baby’s head during sleep is not recommended.

  • Share the same room with your baby:

Every Parent should share the similar room with the baby for helpful breastfeeding and contact. The crib in which the baby sleeps should be closer to parents.

  • Use a firm sleep surface:

Cover the sleeping mattress with a sheet that fits cozily. Make sure your crib, bassinet, or play yard meets current safety standards.

  • Avoid baby sleeping on couches:

 Sleeping on a couch is very dangerous for babies. Also, take care with makeshift bedding. A few circumstances where your baby might be in danger include getting wedged between a mattress and a wall, getting stuck between pillows or cushions, or slipping down until his head is covered by blankets.

  • Baby wake at night:

When this happens, as with different awakenings; give your baby some time to settle down. If needed, give brief reassurance to your little one without taking your baby out of the crib.

  • Baby to sleep safely:

It’s important to remember that not all advice is good advice, let him/her sleep in whatever position he prefers as long as it means you can get some rest too, this is not good, it’s important to remember that your child’s safety must come first.


It is essential to know about various safe sleeping positions and the risks they pose to new-born babies. Taking time out to learn this necessary information will go a long way in keeping your newborn safe and healthy.

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