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Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Delhi – Still, are you searching for sanitary pad manufacturers in Delhi? Contact Care4 Hygiene at 7707848484.

Ready to switch? Picking up the best and perfect sanitary pads for you shouldn’t be complicated. Choose Care4 Hygiene Super Soft Sanitary Pads exceptionally absorbing, organic cotton period pads to put a period on your period woes.

Care4 Ultra Super Soft Sanitary Pads are comfort pads that come with a biodegradable sanitary pads disposal bag. No wonder these are the best sanitary pads for traveling.

  • Care4 Ultra Super Soft
  • Care4 Ultra Super Soft Comfort
  • Care4 Ultra Super Soft Maxi

Women spend 6.5 years of their lives on a period. Keep those nasty chemicals away from your vagina. Our sanitary pads are only made from natural corn and bamboo fibers with no chemicals, chlorine, and dioxin bleach.

Feminine Care

Periods are a natural, regular part of life. What’s more, we believe they should feel that way. So, our care4 sanitary pads and liners, giving you a top sheet that combines both the comfort of cotton and the protection of synthetics.

Feminine Care products should be a reflection of what women actually want, so that is the means of how we make our products. From building an innovative, unique fiber blend for pads and redesigning the sanitary pads sheet applicator, to our integrated production process, we’re stepping up quality without sacrificing value.

Care4 Full Service Store Brand Innovations & Growth Services

Our full set up of growth services will help you sell more, and sell more effectively – from making creative, innovative products driven by consumer and industry insights to manufacturing them from end-to-end to ensure that highest quality and value, to developing the effective marketing programs that get them to more consumers.

Care4 specializes in the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy feminine hygiene products, 100% cotton sanitary napkins, non-woven sanitary napkins, negative oxygen sanitary napkins.

Meet Better Personal Care

78% of Indian users are unconscious of the harmful synthetic ingredients used in their personal care products. Be kinder to your body and the environment with Care4 Hygiene!


Provide Better Feminine Hygiene Products for Global Women

For 2000 years, Care4 Hygiene has cooperated with multiple famous brands from many countries and has customized 200+ brands. We give a total of one-stop services including product design, prototyping, packaging and sampling, mass production, and delivery.

In order to give more care to women, Care4 Hygiene is the focus on developing healthier, safer, more skin-f, high-quality sanitary products. To really focus on the planet and to help our accomplice companies achieve sustainable growth, we never stop innovating and developing natural plant fiber and degradable sanitary products, including sanitary pads, organic sanitary pads.

With excellent production equipment, and rich professional knowledge and experience, we have created many customized sanitary pads that lead the world trend, such as bamboo charcoal, graphene, magnetism, anion, far IR, NANO silver, chitin, yew, tea polyphenols, broken wall synthetic, etc.

Better Performance, Best Value

The Care4 Sanitary Pads Difference:

  • Double Wings
  • Locks in 20% More Wetness
  • Wicks Moisture 2x Faster
  • 10x More Breathable

All Night Long XXL
For Extra Heavy Flow with Wings

  • 350 mm Extra Long Coverage
  • Bouncy & Fluffy Top Sheet
  • 8 to 10 Hours of Usage
  • Anti Leakage Side Barriers
  • 2 Year Biodegradability

Maxi Fluff XL
For Heavy Flow with Wings

  • 290 mm Long Coverage
  • Bouncy & Fluffy Top Sheet
  • 6 To 8 Hours of Usage
  • Anti Leakage Side Barriers
  • 2 Year Biodegradability

Ultra-Thin XL
For Regular Flow with Wings

  • 290 mm Long Coverage
  • Light & Super Slim Top Sheet
  • 6 To 8 Hours of Usage
  • Anti Leakage Side Barriers
  • 2 Year Biodegradability

Why Choose Care4 Hygiene is the best Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Delhi?

Delivery & Returns

We deliver a pack of security savers within one week of order placement across India. Orders once placed cannot be returned.

  • Delivery across India
  • Secure Payment Methods
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Connect with Care4 Hygiene for Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Delhi

  • Address: SCO 24-25, Sector 33-D, Chandigarh 160032
  • Email ID:
  • Phone Number – +91-7707848484

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