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Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Punjab – Are you searching for Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Punjab? Care4 Hygiene is a manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products.

Provide Better Hygiene Products for Global Women’s

For few years, Care4 has cooperated with multiple famous brands from over 50 countries and has customized 150+ brands. We provide a complete one-stop service for Baby Diapers/Adult Diapers/Sanitary Pads.

In order to give more care to women, Care4 is committed to developing healthier, safer, more skin-friendly, high-quality sanitary pads. To care for the planet and to help our partner companies achieve sustainable growth, we never stop innovating and developing natural plant fiber and degradable sanitary products, including sanitary napkins, and diapers.

A growth rate of over 18% to 20% is expected in India for the sanitary pads market, which holds a huge potential and excellent profit margin for the manufacturers.

With excellent production equipment, and rich professional knowledge and experience, we have developed dozens of personalized sanitary pads that lead the world trend.

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Sanitary Pads 

Sanitary Pads are a great absorbent unit worn by an adult female while she is menstruating, absorption on any other condition where it is necessary to absorb the flowing of blood. Usually, the pads are manufactured in a very expensive machine only. The price of such an expensive machine is about 1.2 crores to 8 crores. These expensive machines are generally run by multinational Brands only. Now the best quality pads could be manufactured. But the cost of production pads will be higher. To solve this all issue we started Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Punjab with 2 automatic machines.

We are producing 3 sizes now:

♦ L Sanitary Pads

♦ XL Sanitary Pads

♦ XXL Sanitary Pads

Nowadays many people are searching for Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Punjab to start their own business of sanitary pads. We are the #1 Sanitary Pads/Napkin Manufacturers In India since 2000.

But here we are explaining some real facts which should be kept in mind.

Many people think that they could be a Sanitary Pads/Napkin Manufacturer in India but they don’t know about details.

Simply better pads

The Care4 Ultra Super Soft Sanitary pads were designed with you in mind. We’ve removed everything that a pad should not have and created one that is good for you.

A pad that has it all – unique wider back, zero toxins, and individual disposal bag covers.

Build a fully customizable auto-repeat plan in 2 easy steps for a hassle-free period of days.

Care4 Hygiene – Best Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Punjab

Periods are an integral part of a woman’s life, and so are sanitary pads! While on her periods, a woman surely experiences discomfort, irritation, and menstrual pain. However, we at Care4 Hygiene dedicate ourselves to creating sanitary pads that are safe, comfortable & effective so that nothing stops her from going out and living her life.

You can also check out our range of sanitary pads online. With Care4 Ultra Super Soft Sanitary Pads, glide through your periods with ease!

“We are currently supplying pads to girls in schools, colleges, and even some Clinics, Hospitals in Punjab through Care4 Hygiene. Also, we distribute them in slums and women’s prisons. Women tell us how these pads are changing their lives as they never used one before. They used cloth before that led to rashes and infections. We are taking gynecologists to schools to educate girls on menstrual hygiene.”

The design and odor control feature of the pads allow you to stay fresh and comfortable even during those few distressing days of the month and gives you wings to lead a tension-free and Happy life. The multiple-layered pads help in better absorption even during days of heavy flow, preventing any leakage giving you a dry and comfortable feel. Always Plus believes that when you feel low your period comes in between your dreams, so here you should not stop as Always Plus helps you to recharge your dream here life goes on.

Sanitary Pads Features:

  • Locks up to 100% wetness & odor
  • Cotton Soft Dry Cover
  • Gel Lock Technology
  • Prevents Rash

Why Care4 Hygiene is the best Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in Punjab?

Having vast domain experience and a well-organized workforce, we have attained a commendable position in the market. All these products are available at reasonable prices and within the committed time period.

Some of the reasons for our success are:

  • Premium range of products
  • Adherence to strict quality control measures
  • Proficient and experienced team
  • Upgraded manufacturing unit
  • Prompt delivery
  • Reasonable pricing

Connect with Care4 Hygiene

If anyone wants to start his business of sanitary pads and also looking for sanitary napkin manufacturers in Punjab they can contact us @ +91-7707848484.

we help them to start the new business, also help in making packet design making quality cover packets and packaging unit.

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