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Step to Give a Sponge Bath to your Newborn Baby – Most new parents fear that they may do something wrong as they don’t know how to give a sponge bath to the baby. Giving a shower to an infant can be an edge experience. After all, their soft skin needs to be handled with care.

One of the most important things you should do when giving a newborn a bath is to establish a routine. You should try to make a daily routine; you’ll give your baby a sense of stability and predictability. This will help soothe them and make future baths go a lot easier.

7 Steps to Give a Sponge Bath to your Baby | How to Give Newborn Baby a Sponge Bath

Below have a detailed explanation that will answer all your queries about how to give your baby a good and relaxing sponge bath every day.

Step to Give a Sponge Bath to your Newborn Baby

Step 1: Getting Ready for a Bath:

Getting ready also means spending some time talking to your baby before the bath. After all, it’s a wonderful time to bond. Also, undress your baby before the bath and wrap baby in a towel.

Keep the diapers on though. You don’t want the baby to pee all over the place just when you are cleaning baby.

Step 2: Wash the Eye Area:

First of all, Moisten a cotton ball in the warm water. After that, holding your little one’s head, gently cleanse the eye area. Begin wiping from the edge of the eye and move outwards. Use a new cotton ball for each eye.

Cotton balls don’t shed any lint and hence are safe for your baby’s eyes. You can avoid washing the eye itself, and if there is no dried mucus in the eye, then you don’t have to wash the area around the eye too.

Step 3: Wash the Face:

Wipe your baby’s face, mouth, and nose with a soft wet cloth. You should take special care to clean the areas behind the ears, the wrinkles in the neck and underneath the chin. The ear and nose trenches should be tapped to dry.

Step 4: Wash the Hair:

Keep your baby covered with a soft towel and place your arm beneath his or her back and hold the head with your hand. With your other hand, wash his hair gently with a washcloth. You can apply a little amount of a prescribed baby wash and massage his hair gently. Take care while washing the fontanel area. Clean the hair until baby wash is removed.

Step 5: Wash the Body:

Next, wash your baby’s body with a soft baby cleanser. First, clean your baby’s upper part of the body from the neck to the waist and then proceed downwards.

Step 6: Avoid the Umbilical Cord:

And then, put your baby in a diaper and a t-shirt before cleaning the umbilical cord. Use a cotton ball to clean the base of the cord and the area around it. It is vital to clean the cord properly because the quicker the base dries, the sooner the cord will fall off.

Step 7: Moisturizing & Dressing:

The Last step would be dry and moisturize your angel well before dressing up; bath will be incomplete without moisturization. It helps to keep your baby’s skin smooth, soft and healthy. Cotton clothes best choice for your baby, it is also important to have a receiving blanket ready to wrap your baby in after the bath.

This is important, as the baby could become cold almost immediately. Use the change of clothes you set aside earlier to dress them.

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