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5 Simple Ways to Make your Baby Smile – Smile and Laughing is good for you and your baby’s health and is the best way to bond with them. So, make them laugh as often as possible.

One of the cutest things in this world, to look at is when a parent and a baby engage in a smile-off as a parent, are the primary source of love and comfort for your baby. Seeing your little one sad is just about one of the most heartbreaking sights that a parent has to go through. In these moments, you’d do anything to bring a smile on that face. Seeing your little one smile at you has a heart-warming effect like no other.

Ways to Make Babies Smile and Laugh

5 Simple Ways to Make your Baby Smile

Here are a few simple ways you can make your baby laugh and smile, at least if your child is anything like my babies were:

1. Consistency:

Don’t waste your energy with your babies; always try to search for new and exciting ways to cheer them up all the time. So observing something like their most loved stuffed toy or listening to their favorite song can bring a smile on their face quicker than you can snap your fingers. Always start by trying something that you know has worked out in the past. Consistency is not a bad thing.

2. Play:

Its true, whenever babies are not asleep, babies love playing. Just the physical touch of a parent is capable of bringing comfort and happiness to a little one. If you want to see a smile on your baby face, try making faces at your baby.

3. Toys:

If your baby is in an extra materialistic mood, be prepared with a wide range of objects to play with. Sometimes, once the attention is gone from one toy, you can make sure that your baby is going to search out another toy, and you’d best have it ready unless you want to see some waterworks. If you do follow through, smiles and laughter are guaranteed.

4. Music:

All babies are the same. Babies love music as much as humans at some other life stage. When you bring a smile on their face, try turning up the songs. Play the favorite songs that your little one likes and happy to listen to or do something that easies to soothe your baby or pleasing melody. You have no lack of choices so you’re bound to find something that your baby will love!

5. Animals:

It’s safe to say that the most popular house pet is either a dog or a cat. If you have a family pet, letting your infant and your other baby (the pet) play could be fulfilling. For a certain something, you don’t need to worry about the entertainment, and secondly, you still get to see your baby smile and have a great time. If you don’t have a pet, don’t worry! Stuffed toys and animals on TV work just as well!

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These are just a few of the things I discovered would make your babies laugh and smile. All parents love to see your baby happy. It is worth the effort to find out what your child will laugh at and from then on you have entertainment that is worth its weight in gold. Have fun and remember to smile!

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