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Types of Baby Crawls

Types of Baby Crawls – Crawling is your baby’s first mode of making the baby move around on her own. When a baby starts moving on the floor on her stomach, back or forth; pushing her hands and knees, she has embarked on a new journey of independence with crawling. It is delightful to see your baby crawl, but crawling also calls for some safety measures on your part.

What are the 6 Different Crawl Styles and what they say about your child?

If you have a baby and are you, baby, using any of these famous crawling methods? Care4 Shares the several types of crawls below:

Types of Baby Crawls

1. The Commando crawling:

Commando crawling called belly crawling, she drags her stomach against the floor to move forward, in this style. When your baby start belly crawls you have to make sure to clean the floor for anything which might hurt his/her. It is a good choice to prefer thick fabric clothes while he/she starts crawling to keep his/her skin from getting hurt. A carpet uses on the floor is a good idea but babies should also play on the floor without any carpet and all, for at least some time.

2. The Cross Crawling:

Babies weight stays on his/her hands and knees. She/he uses one arm and the opposite knee at the same time to move forward. Some of the babies cross crawl. Really it’s a very happiest moment to watch your little one trying to struggle to move forward and backward to reach you.

3. The Bear Crawling:

She crawls like a bear walking on her hands and feet keeping her elbows and knees straight.

4. The Crab Crawling:

The Children who crab crawl push themselves reverse or sideways through hands like a crab. Few babies are practice on it.

5. The Bottom Scoot:

Baby scoot around on their bum cheek, known as bottom scoot. Babies use their arms to move forwards while bottom scoot.Some baby may use other crawling styles or may stick to any one style in which he/she is comfortable.

6. The Rolling Crawling:

Most of the babies learn how to move on so well that they prefer reaching their destination by rolling down. Support them, a big applaud for them, once they do any such physical activity.

What is the importance of Crawling for Babies?

Most of the children begin to crawl between the ages of 6 and 9 months. Crawling is good for babies in many ways. It builds up their skills by fortifying arms and legs muscles. It is a wonderful physical exercise for all babies. Baby skills also improve as while crawling babies try to snatch things/toys which strengthen their hands and fingers muscles.

When they look around, their brain directs the hand to pick or grab stuff, and their hand-eye coordination increases. Right and left brain coordination increases as it receives many signals at the same time like sight, sound, movement etc.

They also learn to take decisions while crawling. They decide about their next move and this builds confidence in them. Every parent should always encourage crawling by setting up attractive toys and other household objects at some distance from the baby.

You should try some placing pillows and cushions in the path to creating the way of destination. Babies will thus easy to learn for the following arrangements and improve their agility with speed.

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