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One of the most common problems faced by our senior citizen is urine incontinence. Every day is a struggle when you are facing such health issue, the only solution left is an adult diaper with long-lasting protection. Unfortunately, there are very few adult diaper manufacturers in India and most of them fail to provide a high quality of safety and comfort.

Adult Diapers Manufacturer in India

As a leading adult diaper manufacturer in India Care4 understands the situation of our beloved senior citizens. That’s why Care4 offers a varied range of long-lasting absorbent diapers for old age and successfully becoming a quality brand.

Vision of Care4 Hygiene – Affordable Adult Diaper

Our Mission is an improvement in the quality standards of hygiene products. At Care4 we believe that hygienic products are not luxury and should be accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

At Care4 we want to make sure families around the country have access to products that are safe, rigorously tested, environmentally-friendly, and created specifically to care for one’s unique needs. We have strong roots in science and technology and each of our products is innovatively developed for delivering and meeting the high we follow.

We examine every ingredient, a combination of ingredients and the safety of our products with the level of scrutiny we would want for our own babies. Our teams of technocrats review the latest research to choose ingredients that are best for your hygiene.

Need of Adult Diapers

Doctors recommend adult diapers for patients with prostate disorders, piles, incontinence, urology problems, and diabetics. It is also used by patients who are paralyzed, bedridden or disabled. Today millions of senior citizens and disabled masses have embraced a lifestyle full of dignity after using the quality adult diapers from Care4.

What Makes Care4, A best Adult Diaper Manufacturer Company in India?

Care4 Hygiene, India’s leading adult diaper manufacturing company offers a wide range of Adult Diapers. Care4 has made a mark as a quality brand and enjoys a high customer loyalty by offering a range of unique features.

Here are the top features of Care4 Adult Diapers

  • Highest absorption capacity: We have always given priority to the quality of the product. Our imported SAP material attains highest absorption capacity. It’s super absorbent gel core quickly locks the fluids away and helps to remove odor.
  • Special Wetness indicator: our special wetness indicator helps you to know when to change the diaper. Due to the high level of absorption capacity, it takes much longer time for the wetness indicator to reach the endpoint, means you can enjoy the long-lasting comfort.
  • Super soft structure: Comfort is the most important thing on which we have focused. Care4 understand the situation of our consumers, it’s very difficult to live when you have to suffer from urine problem. That’s why we have used the Soft inner cotton which provides cloth like comfortable feel.
  • Netted Channels & Leg cuffs: For faster distribution and absorption process high quality netted channels are used. On the other hand, leg cuff ensures good fit and protection against the leakage

 Types of Care4 Adult Diapers

Our superb absorbent long-lasting adult diaper comes in a variety of size & packing, depending on your need and requirement.  Primarily care4 offers 3 types of packaging which are as follows:

  • Care4 adult Diaper XL size pack
  • Care4 adult diaper medium size pack
  • Care adult diaper large size pack

Buy Care4 Adult Diaper Online

Anyone can easily buy Care4 adult diapers online from our e-commerce partners at a very affordable price. Being a leading adult diaper manufacturer in India Care4 believes that good quality hygienic products should be accessible to everyone and money should not be the barrier.

Our Online Partners

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Shopclues

Contact Details

Corporate & Administrative Office:

Address: SCO- 24-25, Sector-33/D, Chandigarh. India-160032

Phone: 91-172-5026664-69

Mobile:  +917707-848484

Fax 91-172-2623025

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