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When it comes to hygiene and health of the newborn, baby diaper plays a very important role. It not only ensures the cleanliness but also prevents the child from various diseases. In India, about 23 million babies are born per year. But due to high costing of the baby diapers, many children are unable to use it.

Anti Rash Baby Diaper Manufacturer & Supplier in India

At Care4 we believe that hygiene should not be treated as a luxury and it should be available to the every child of India. As a leading diaper manufacturer in India, we have always ensured that the quality and pricing should go hand in hand. That’s why we are using the high quality imported SAP material for full night anti-rash leakage protection in our products.

Need of Baby diapers in India?

Baby diapers are the most important part of the child’s hygiene and health care. It helps in keeping off the harmful bacteria from the soft skin of a baby. Baby diapers Pants ensures comfort and freedom for your child with its convenient design. It ensures that your baby is protected from rashes and irritation. Additionally, these diapers feature protective shield and keep your child comfortable.

In recent years there has been a huge growth in the baby diaper industry in India due to growing awareness of hygiene products.

What Makes Care4, A best Baby Diaper Manufacturer Company in India?

Care4 Hygiene, India’s Leading Company offering a varied range of Baby Diapers. The care4 range of specially engineered and high-quality baby diapers ensures that your baby stays comfortable even in the Indian climatic conditions.

The use of ultra soft and breathable material takes care of the delicate skin of the baby.

Top features of Care4 Baby Diapers

  • All Night protection: The imported high-quality SAP material ensures highest absorption capacity and helps in full night leak protection. This helps to keep your baby dry for and smiling for a longer time.
  • 3D Leakage Guard: our 3D leakage guards provide extra side leakage protection during the long hours of your baby’s sleeping and playing time. The high-quality fabric of care4 baby diaper helps in extra durability during the leakage time.
  • Anti-Rash: Diaper rash is one of the most important problems faced by newborns. At care4 we have used American fluff pulp, non-soft, non-woven top sheet and breathable clock which protect against the rashes on the back of your children.
  • Elastic waistband: The magic super grip allows multiple refastening and easier to adjust diapers to the comfort of your baby’s waist.

Types of Care4 Baby Diapers

Our superb absorbent anti-rash baby diaper comes in a variety of size & packing, depending on the need and requirement of your baby.  Primarily care4 offers 3 types of packaging which are as follows:

  • Care4 Baby Diaper Small pack
  • Care4 Baby Diaper Medium pack
  • Care4 Baby Diaper Large pack

Buy online

It is very easy to buy Care4 baby diapers though our online e- commerce partners sites at an affordable price. We believe that every child should get a proper hygiene though our high quality products.

Here is the list of our major E-commerce partners:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Shopclues

Our Mission

Care4 Hygiene is a brand brought to life that our aims to promote the well-being, healthy growth, and development of babies through the provision of right quality of diapers, raising awareness and strive to provide families to direct assistance with best hygiene products in the market at the most affordable prices.

We strongly believe that good hygiene is not a luxury and should be available for all equally. Hygiene in the first few years is important for your little one as baby’s soft skin needs gentle care. It is important that baby diaper product is chosen carefully to ensure that baby stays clean and comfortable.

Contact Care4

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