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Care4 – 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

We are glad to talk about “Mr. Ishan Sharma” he is one of them in 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017 by ET Silicon Review.

Let’s meet the visionary behind Care4

Care4 - 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

Meet the founder of the technical textile arm of the Ishan group and the brand “Care4” of the brand name of a diaper marketed by Ishan Sharma.

He is a textile engineer and holds a joint honors degree in Textile Technology and Business Management from the reputed University of Manchester, UK. Ishan Sharma joined the family conglomerate in 2011.

Technical Textiles being the expertise sector of Ishan Sharma, he went on to start developing and expanding core business outside India by aggressively investing in the technical textile sector and setting up state of the art manufacturing units in Vietnam, China, and UK.

Ishan Sharma is a dynamic entrepreneur who has a proven track record of successfully delivered products and solutions to the market.

Care4 Hygiene – A Diaper World

It’s the Bright One, It’s the Right One that’s Care4 Diaper

Over the years, Care4 hygiene pioneered the concept of baby diapers and adult diapers in India and our brand care4 has been the market leader in the category.

At Care4, we believe in creating a healthier, safer environment for the stages of life where one is most vulnerable. All are designed for the Indian body type and are made in India with the best materials and technology. Its aim to deliver the most affordable products with the best of quality has put it on the top of the competition and earned it a positive acceptance by the end customer.

Care4 received a massive response from the domestic as well as international market for its products, which has led it to be the India’s fastest growing hygiene company.

Care4 presents the hygiene products domestic as well as international markets of baby and adult diapers. The company has invested aggressively in the past few years by setting up state of the art manufacturing units in Vietnam, U.K, and China and is still expanding by further setting up manufacturing units in UAE and Russia. It is constantly working on innovative solutions to provide long-term efficient and economic end products to the Indian customer.

Care4 Providing trustworthy services of hygiene products

Baby Diaper and Adult Diapers are our products. The baby diapers are specially engineered ease-to-use with ultra soft and breathable material to ensure that your baby stays comfortable.

Care4 Hygiene promotes the well-being, healthy growth and development of babies through the provision of finest quality of products.

Care4 has made a mark as a quality brand and enjoys high customer loyalty by offering a range of unique features. Millions of senior citizens have embraced an active lifestyle with dignity after using Care4 Adult Diapers. Care4 give them to perfect gift of elders who have suffered urine incontinence, piles and urology problems. In India, the incontinence problem in seniors to rises and rapid increases in the demand for an adult diaper.

Care4 – Diaper Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh. Best option to choose Care4 Baby Diapers – “Right Choice for your baby “

Care4 – Adult Diaper Manufacturer India. Best option to choose Care4 Adult Diapers – Help them to give the perfect gift for your elders “Be Young with the Friends”

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