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Fun Summer Activities to do with your Baby

Fun Summer Activities to do with your Baby – Your wait is over and your newborn is finally here. New parenthood is incredibly joyful, you face it: It can sometimes be downright boring for both of you.

This time is the way to connect with your baby in these months plays a crucial role in your baby’s language formation, social intelligence, logical thinking, emotional connect and overall development.

Is it true you are ready for fun things-to-do with your baby? Follow our fun things-to-do with your little one.

As we know, winter climate is almost gone already. It can be difficult to make summer days interesting when to-do things such as go to the park, water play, playground etc. Help you to enjoy and spend all the time, Care4 come up with such awesome summer activities for your newborn baby to comfortably share.

Fun Summer Activities to do with your Baby

Top 10 Fun Summer Activities to do with your Baby

So check out these activities and let the good times begin with your baby:

1. Record your Baby’s moves firstly

Record your baby’s special moments through pictures or videos. So make sure to capture all them.

  • When your baby is smiling, crying and the day has come when he/she is crawling.

2. Talk with your Baby

Call his or her name or whistle or make a different kind of noise. Definitely, your infant will recognize your voice and listen to you that try to find out where is coming from.

  • In sometimes, the baby responds very well when you have to talk with him.

This is also a fun activity to engage your newborn baby with talks and enjoying a lot.

3. Have a BUBBLE Bath or a “Swim” in the Tub

Try bath your baby should have in the bathtub. Mix up the shower gel and make bubbles in the tub and bring a bottle of bubbles in with you to create a magical bubble room for you and baby. Put some toys in the bathtub then bubbles are up. This activity is also enjoying your baby is enjoying and pretend it’s, you’re soaking up some sun at the beach.

4. Baby’s Outing (Go for a Mall Walk or Park)

If you can’t take another minute inside the house, pack baby up and head to the mall. You don’t have to buy anything to enjoy some time at the mall. Explore the sights and sounds, walk around, and even spend some time in the play area if your mall offers one. Simply make certain to carry hand sanitizer with you and avoid anybody with a loud cough or obviously runny nose or eyes.

5. Yoga routine (With Mommy and Daddy)

Take your baby in your arms and move slowly. During the yoga time when the baby is awake for longer periods or when she’ll take a nap long enough for you to make it to savasana.

6. Play with Toys

Most of the babies play with soft toys. A teething toy they love to chew and chomp or anything they soothe their sore gums. They’ll also serve as distractions and playthings when your baby needs to be occupied while you’re out.

  • Try to roll a ball on the floor and encourage her to grab it and try to roll it back. It is also enjoying it and sees the happiness on his cute face.

7. Build a Pillow Fort

Grab some chairs, pillows, and a sheet or two—pillow forts are fun and exciting for everyone. Bring some books and a favorite blanket inside. A fort nap might be just the thing for both of you.

8. Introduce Some New Things

Just like you, your baby also hates routine and needs new things to be entertained. Remember these activities of a newborn baby will be the base.

  • Roaming your baby around the house rooms and show things like different colors and ringing bells etc…
  • To help your baby work on her crawling, and hand-eye coordination.
  • It is a wonderful feeling for your baby and also a way to grow up or his/her memory power.
  • Learning new things is essential for his overall mental, physical and emotional development of every baby.

9. Bed Story Time

Of course, your newborn baby can’t understand your story but read, nonetheless.

  • Read or tell a story by enacting the same with gestures.
  • When you touch your baby’s feet, fingers, tickled his belly, after that see his/her expressions on their face.
  • You can use this fun activity also when you are wearing clothing your baby. It is a good way to attract your baby attention too!

10. Try some Dance

Obviously, Baby can’t dance but you can definitely influence him to the tunes of music.

  • Choose the music and take your baby in your arms to try some simple steps.
  • Some moves are not less than any roller coaster ride for your baby.
  • Be careful with your baby’s neck and always keep a hand there.
  • Hope, this dance activity can definitely revive you and your baby.

We hope you liked our ideas and share useful information for newborn baby fun activities month by month. Don’t forget to make every moment special for your baby.

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