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Essential Winter Tips to Protect your Baby’s Tender Skin

Essential Winter Tips to Protect your Baby’s Tender Skin – As we probably aware, the cold climate is relatively going everywhere but you need to make sure that time to protect your baby’s tender skin.

Furthermore, winter days can be a difficult time to keep your baby’s tender skin healthy.  Read this blog with our essential tips for keeping your baby’s skin ensured throughout the whole all winter.

Being a parent, you probably have many doubts and a lot of questions on how to prepare baby for this weather change. Skin care during the winter becomes especially important. When its winter comes, then many dangers to your baby’s tender skin.

Essential Winter Tips to Protect your Baby's Tender Skin

Before you leave the house

It’s good to get out of the house for fresh air and to visit friends, but babies are especially sensitive to temperature changes, so make sure your child isn’t too hot or too cold.

Top tip for all parents: Dress your baby in breathable layers clothing, so you can easily add and remove layers as needed.

Weatherproof buggy
it’s important that wind, rain, and snow don’t find their way into your pram or buggy. The last thing you want is for your baby to be lying in wet clothes for any period of time. Plenty of products are available online to keep out draughts and moisture, so make sure your baby is snug while you are out and about.

Note: A hands-free umbrella that attaches to the buggy will help keep you dry while allowing you a full range of movement.

Top Tips for Protecting your Baby’s Tender Skin in Winters

The following are the 5 essential winter skin care tips for your baby:

1. Clothing Layers up, but not too much

At the point, when it’s cold outside we want to wrap our little one up and protect them from the elements.  And what’s cuter than a baby in a little snow hat?  But how do you know if it’s enough, and when is it too much?  The easiest thing to do is dress babies in several layers of clothing.  In general, babies need one more layer of clothing than adults.  Stick your hand inside your baby’s clothing to see if he seems hot.  Too much?  Take one layer off.  If you see a little heat rash from overheating treat it with a dab of safe, low-dose, over-the-counter hydrocortisone for a couple of days.

2. Oil Massage Routine is a must

Give an oil massage to your baby before a bath to nourish your baby’s skin.

Give your baby a massage 2-3 times daily with oil infused with Winter Cherry to improve skin tone and soothe baby skin.

3. Bath Time

Bath time gives a great opportunity to moisturize and nourish your baby’s skin. Choose sensitive bath products to ensure your baby’s skin doesn’t experience any adverse reactions, and bathe in lukewarm water. Ensure you get him or her dry precisely with a soft towel and have warm clothes close at hand.

Top tip: Apply baby lotion or cream after the bath to lock moisture in.

4. Moisturize Baby ‘Skin Every day

After bathing, Moisturization is important during the entire year, it’s even more important during the winter. After all, with all the wind, cold air, and central heat affecting his sensitive skin during the entire day, you need to make sure that you keep his skin moisturized.

One of the best things you can do is to use a natural moisturizer like La Lune Naturals Coconut Oil.

5. Think Warm, Not Hot

Much the same as with the number of layers you dress your baby with, you need to make sure that the water bath isn’t too hot. Even though you may want to make sure that he is not cold, it’s always better to use lukewarm and not hot water. Also, you need to make your baby’s bath time shorter during the winter. For small babies, 5 minutes is a good time limit. More than this will simply remove all the moisture from his skin.

6. Diaper Changes

If you are one of the many parents who like to use natural diapers, the disposable ones tend to work better during the winter. To keep a rash need to change their diaper more frequently.

7. Make a natural diaper rash cream

Diaper rash is a very common concern for babies. When treating your baby’s irritation you want to make sure that you are putting safe products on their skin. The gentle anti-inflammatory benefits of zinc oxide allow you to create a safe, non-toxic cream for your baby’s delicate skin.

How to treat your baby’s skin in winters:

We provide a broad range of skin tips for babies, as well as for new and expectant mothers. You particularly doctors recommended brand range products which are perfect for baby’s dry skin with atopic tendencies.

Follow these 7 tips for keeping your baby’s skin protected all winter long and your baby can enjoy all of the joys that wintertime brings!


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