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Photos you’ll Want to Take of your Baby – Portraits of baby’s first year are some of the most important and sentimental photos you’ll ever take to make sure they do that special little cutie justice!

After few months of cold climate, spring will be especially welcome. Not only does it bring warmer temperatures, but the most gorgeous landscape. And the bright and beautiful blooms make for a wonderful opportunity to take your little one outside and take photos.

Try to keep that camera handy and use it anytime your heart speaks to you. Capture the magic of all those special relationships. Remember to grab your camera when your baby does something new. First bath, first smiles & giggles, first time eating food, sitting up, crawling, etc. And don’t forget about the video camera.

9 Cute Photos you’ll Want to Take of your Baby this Spring

Photos you’ll Want to Take of your Baby

1. A picture frame and a plushie friend 

Choose a pretty picture frame and make or print inserts with the month on it so you can change it up easily. Pick a comfy spot, pick a comfy friend, and a snap cute.

2. Surrounded by spring’s most beautiful blooms –

Photos you’ll Want to Take of your Baby

Spring is a time that all of the blooms arrive after a long winter. Whether it’s a garden full of tulips or a cherry blossom tree, take a photo of your little one with the blooms as a stunning backdrop.

3. Photograph MOMMY and DADDY with a baby too –

With a friend/family member to take some shots or set up a tripod and use your self-timer or interval shooting. You will love these images when your baby gets older.

4. Keep it simple –

You don’t need elaborate backdrops or expensive lighting equipment. Children’s look best when captured in soft, natural light. Use reflectors to get catchlights in their eyes or to fill in shadows. Use a plain painted wall or a piece of beadboard as a backdrop.

5. Straw hat –

Nothing is cuter than a baby in a hat! Bring out their best spring attire for their head and take a cute picture in the grass.

6. Dress –

Dressed in their best rain gear. Give you’re little a mini umbrella, rain boots, and a raincoat and let them play outside while you take some adorable photos.

7. Surrounded by bubbles – 

Photos you’ll Want to Take of your Baby

Spring is the point at which the weather finally begins to warm up and your little ones can play outside. Why not surround them with bubbles, which all little ones love, and capture the joy in their faces.

8. A flower head crown – 

Photos you’ll Want to Take of your Baby

Such a more beautiful way to ring in spring than with a crown made of beautiful, fresh, spring flowers? Your little princess will love wearing a crown made of gorgeous buds.

9. Capture the Motion –

When shooting kids, you’ll be getting the work out of your life while trying to keep up with them, especially when photographing outdoors. Your camera will need to work harder, too, to freeze that motion, instead of getting one blurry shot after another. You will want to up that shutter speed, and set your camera to continuous shooting mode.

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