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Are you searching the home remedies for cold and cough in Babies?

Changing weather can also trigger a cough and cold in your newborn. Every year hundreds of infants and small children suffer from colds and coughs, mainly due to their weak immune systems.

Children pick up the various infection-causing viruses through contact with an infected person or contaminated air or surfaces. Home treatments will ease their symptoms and strenghthen their immune system.

Cold and Cough Home Remedies for Babies

Top 10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Babies

Care4Hygiene sharing few home remedies to treat common cold and cough infants:

1.Sponge Bath

To reduce a fever in small babies, give them a cool water bath or sponge bath to regulate body temperature. A bath has added the benefit of relaxing your child and it will help them sleep better, which is essential for faster recovery.

Note: Avoid the efficiency of cold water, which may cause the internal body temperature to rise.

2. Lemon

Lemon is another good home remedy. Being rich in vitamin C, lemon help boosts the immune system and assist the body in fighting colds and flu.

3. Honey

Honey is a safe remedy for children age 1 and older who are suffering from the common cold or a cough. It has high antibacterial, antioxidant and immune boosting properties that help ease coughing, soothe a sore throat and kill the bacteria causing the infection.

4. Breast milk and Sleep

Breastfeeding is the first and foremost solution to treat cold and cough for your newborn.

Breast milk has got the power to drive away the bacteria and viruses from your baby’s body. It provides immunity from various other gems too. Increase the frequency of breastfeeding as it comforts baby.

You can put few drops of breast milk in each nostril of your baby. It will help to cure a cough and cold faster.

5. Warm Ajwain/Carom Seeds compresses

Carom seeds or Ajwain is also known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Just make sure that the cloth doesn’t get too hot or else can burn the sensitive skin of your baby. For the best results, continue this for about 2-3 days. The smell of warm ajwain from potli will help reduce congestion in the baby.

6. Steamy Air/Humidifier

Steam helps to reduce a cough so you can bath your baby in a steamy bathroom or just put on the hot, shower and relax and let her relax and experience the steamy air for some time. Use a humidifier at night especially if it’s winter and air are dry in winters.

7. Garlic

The smell of garlic and ajwain will ease your baby from congestion and would also help to open her blocked nose.

8. Warm Chicken Soup

Clear chicken soup can be given from 8 months onwards.

Chicken soup is a great option when suffering from a cold or a cough. It is light and nutritious and can help relieve congestion. Chicken soup improves the function of protective cilia in the nasal cavity that prevent contagious from entering a body.

9. Oranges

The vitamin C in oranges helps increase the production of white blood cells that fight off the cold-causing germs. It also boosts the immune system to alleviate symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, and runny nose. 

10. Ginger

Ginger is another very popular natural cure for colds and coughs due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antitussive properties.

Care4Hygiene suggested home remedies during cold and cough are based on our experience, expert advice, and research.

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